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We are Manufacturing Natural Stone Tiles, Slabs, Blocks, Wall Tiles, Flower Tiles, Cobbles, Handicraft Items, Stone Gate, Window, Fire Place, Pillar, Balustrade, Table, Stool, Chair, Vase, Fountain, Candle Stand, lamp, Stone Art Items, Stone Gift Items & etc.

  • Front Elevations Work
  • Interior Decoration
  • Sandstone Door
  • Window Outlay Jaisalmer Sandstone
  • Jaisalmer Sandstone Jharokha
  • Pillers and Railings of Jaisalmer Sandstone
  • Grills (Jali) Jaisalmer Sandstone
  • Monuments from Jaisalmer Sandstone
  • Stone Home Decor Items & Accessories
  • Stone Home Decor Items
  • Sandstone Fountains
  • Sandstone Garden Furniture

    Hotel Kotwal Haveli Project :

    Hotel Kotwal Haveli an auspecious project. Our auspecious legacy in stone carving let us stand in front of designer's choice. Hotel Kotwal Haveli basic elevation was a tough job to accomplish. The structure has to be perfect in architecture and on other end it should also have elegancy factors. We are proud to be assiciated with this project.

    Hotel Yellow Stone Project :

    Hotel Yellow Stone It was one of the biggest project during initial phase of Angella Stone Carvings. Antique exteriors and extraordinary traditional royal interiors, ranked top of its category hotels. Angella Stone Carvings feels proud to be assiciated with this great project.

    Hotel Radhika :

    Hotel Radhika, the name itself is enough to explain the desire of architects and owners. Grand royal look, elegance, comfort, smooth feel and designer front. We got this project just because of our structural excellance.